All fees will need to be prepaid.

One hour consult: $100

We will ask you to provide the paperwork prior to this consult. If you cannot find the paperwork, we will do so for you.

We will spend an hour speaking with you about your matter and giving you advice on how you might handle the matter, and how you might represent yourself.

We will follow this up with a letter with this advice.

Representation: $400

We will appear in your matter at one court date. We will do any prior consultation with the other party (ie. prosecutors.)

We will take your instructions prior to the court date. If there are reports to be handed up, we will advise you on how to obtain those reports. If you feel you will have difficulties doing this, we will discuss with you if we can do it for you.

We will appear on the day to give your plea to the court or tribunal. If the matter has to be further adjourned for a reason which is out of your control, we will not charge extra for the next appearance.

Matters out of your control include things like:

  • not being able to get the brief of evidence on time
  •  prosecutors or the court not being ready for the matter (in which case we may apply for costs in the matter)
  • you or someone you directly care for being sick (but both our service and the court will require a medical certificate on or before the court date)
  • the lawyer from our service being unavailable
  • the court being offline
  • court closing for some reason or court getting the court date wrong
  • you not being able to attend court for reasons out of your control. We are happy to discuss what these reasons might be, but we don’t consider, for instance,  not getting out of bed on time or forgetting you had court and going out for a drink as reasons out of your control!

After the matter has been concluded, we will provide you with written advice about the outcome.

Further court dates

Sometimes a matter cannot be finished on the first court date. This could happen for a number of reasons. If we have to appear on further dates for you, we will discuss further charges with you. Those charges will not be expensive, and we will aim to keep your bill as low as possible.

If you would like to contest a matter – that is, plead not guilty to a criminal charge or appeal the finding of a tribunal – we will discuss with you a fee structure that takes into account your income and the time the matter will take.