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We offer a low cost court and tribunal advice and representation service

We assist people who have minor criminal matters in the magistrates’ court or in the Victorian and Civil Administrative Tribunal (Mental Health Tribunal, Guardianship and Administration List, Residential Tenancies List). We may also be able to assist in intervention order matters.

Why do we offer this service?

Because it is difficult to get low cost or free advice and/or representation for minor matters in the magistrates’ court and tribunals.

Who can access our service?

Anyone can access our services, although we give priority to people on low incomes.

What are our services?

For a set fee we will assess your matter and give you advice on the course you may wish to take with the matter. If you want to be represented at court or tribunal, we will do so for a set fee. If your matter is eligible for a grant of legal aid we will discuss with you applying for aid. We can take on a small number of pro bono (for free) matters.


One hour consult: $100

Representation: $400

For information about the exact services offered for these fees,
and for any further services and fees please
see our Fees page and the About page

Our Fees

My criminal matter is minor. Can I represent myself?

You can, and you will probably get much the same result as you will if a lawyer helps you. But even with minor matters there may be a good reason for talking to a lawyer, and perhaps being represented. The first one is that sometimes charges can be negotiated, and it is helpful to have legal advice about the nature of the charges and the process. A lawyer can negotiate the charges for you and perhaps get some dropped.

Many people represent themselves in court, and they do well. However if you are anxious and scared of appearing in court, it might be a good idea to have a lawyer to assist you. For some people, the idea of appearing in court can adversely affect their mental health, especially if there is an existing mental health issue. Having a lawyer to assist you can give you peace of mind that you have someone by your side who is familiar with court processes and with talking to the court.

If you choose to take the option of our hour appointment, we can give you an assessment of your brief of evidence, and talk to you about how to represent yourself. We will follow this up with a comprehensive email with advice about how you can advocate for yourself with prosecutors and in court.

How can you help with my tribunal matter?

We have many years of appearing in the Mental Health Tribunal, Guardianship and Administration List,  and the Residential Tenancy List. We are happy to have a look at your matter and tell you if representation could be helpful for you.

Can you help with my intervention order matter?

Intervention order matters can be complicated, whether you are the applicant (or have the police applying for you) or the respondent. If you would like to have an hours consultation about your intervention order matter, we will be happy to talk to you about your options and how you can represent yourself. After this we will send you detailed information which will help you represent yourself. You can then decide if you would like to have us represent you.